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Industrial and Commercial  Services

  • With the flexibility to control blast pressures and employ an incredible range of grit media, Cryoprep can provide blasting services to an extremely wide range of of industries and coating applications across almost any surface, structure or substrate.


  • We have exclusive distribution rights in Australia to this technology.


  • We have operators with over 10 years experience across all aspects of dry ice and grit blasting.


  • We have highly qualified trade painters with 25 years experience in protective, industrial, marine, automotive and decorative coating systems. 

Full Containment

Where lead is present, waste generated cannot be allowed to escape the work area. Shrink wrap containment systems are the solution.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Click image

Industrial Assets Protective Coating Preparation

By selecting the appropriate grade of grit media and blast pressure Cryoprep can provide the right profile to suit any coating system.

Heritage Building, Lead Paint Removal

Without deglazing the face of the brick, damaging mortar or producing large amounts of contaminated waste, Cryoprep exposes the original facade.

Click image

Concrete Floor Preparation

Where ground in grease on raw concrete would cause other methods to be poor or ineffective, Cryoprep creates a clean dry paint ready surface.

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Structural Steel, Lead Paint Removal and Surface Preparation

While generating less than 10% of the proscribed waste of a conventional blast pot Cryoprep prepare structural steel for a new coating.

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Automotive and Marine 

Where conventional blast pots will heat and harden thin guage sheet metal or damage gel coats, Cryoprep can remove unwanted coatings gently, quickly and effectively. Leaving a surface clean dry and paint ready in one step.

Weld Cleaning for NDT

Conventional blasting or manual cleaning can close over hairline cracks or obscure imperfections. Cryoprep has the ability to provide non abrasive cleaning.

Corrosion Control

Cryoprep can remove rust and failed coatings leaving surfaces ready for a range of modern paint systems in just one step. We create a profile suited to the system leaving a dry chemically clean substrate.

Period Finishes Restoration

Where the surface to be stripped is not only delicate but of heritage significance, only Cryoprep can offer gentle, effective and chemical free stripping.

Structural Remediation

Having removed all rust and failed coatings Cryoprep's team can apply high tech protective coating systems. This includes an up to15 year warranty and expected effective lifespan of 25 years.

Equipement Supply and Technical Training

While dry ice blasting is relativeley new to Australia Cryoprep can provide the benefit of our operators' 10 years experience across a wide range of industries and applications. We can supply the right machines and all the training and technical support to suit your application

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